Jack’s press release concerning the opioid crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Republican Candidate for Congress Jack Maddux endorses declaring a National State of Emergency concerning the Opioid Crisis.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2017, CLEVELAND, TN:  Jack Maddux, candidate for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, agrees, endorses and whole heartedly supports President Trump’s intention to declare a national state of emergency concerning the opioid crisis in our country. 

Says, Jack Maddux, “The numbers are astounding and require an organized national response.  Local and state agencies can no longer fight the opioid crisis alone.  After all, you can’t go very far without finding a family that has not been impacted by the opioid crisis.  My very own brother lost his life in 2015 due to health issues related to his opioid addiction.”

“Approximately 3,400 American lives were lost to the Swine Flu Outbreak back in 2009 when a national state of emergency was declared.  This opened Federal resources and funding to state and local public health agencies to combat the outbreak.”

“Compare that with statistics from the Center for Disease Control that declare that 52,279 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2015.  1,457 of those were Tennesseans, the majority being opioid related.  Nationwide, this means that each and every day we are losing 144 American lives from drug and opioid abuse!  These statistics do not even include the lives lost due to health issues caused by Opioid dependence like my brother.”

“Should President Trump declare a national state of emergency?  I say without a doubt, absolutely!  Like many of the folks here in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, I am tired of the greed and corruption in Congress that has allowed this problem to worsen.  I have made the opioid crisis a major platform issue for the campaign.”  Maddux believes that awareness and accountability are key at every level for future prevention.

“It is time to hold the drug manufacturers accountable.  Inquiries, fines, prosecution, whatever it takes.  Knowing the dangers for many years, they still pushed forward for profits.”

“Prescribers must be reeducated to the dangers and the original intent of the uses for opioids.  Physicians must educate their patients of the dangers as well.  Physicians should be held accountable and even prosecuted when not utilizing the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).  This is the electronic database that helps identify patients that are misusing prescription opioids or other prescription drugs and who may be at risk for overdose.

“Pharmacists must be reeducated and face the same ramifications as regular citizens if participating in illegal activities.  Patients must be educated and be prosecuted for selling or sharing prescriptions.

“We must find a way for treatment for those already addicted.  We must identify the methods used at the most successful treatment facilities and share that model in other locations.  Just as important are the support programs for maintaining sobriety.

“President Trump, by declaring a national state of emergency you will release much needed Federal resources and funding necessary for state and local agencies to combat the opioid epidemic and put people first” says Maddux.

Jack Maddux is a United States Navy Veteran, a former police officer and a proven business leader.  As a middle class man of faith, husband and father, Jack Maddux believes that the problems facing Americans today need someone that has real experience in dealing with them and has a history of working hard. When Congress puts PEOPLE FIRST, real results can be accomplished.  To learn more about the campaign and Jack Maddux visit Maddux4USCongress.com.

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