You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack?

“I am not a politician, a millionaire nor a career politician.”

My name is Jack Maddux.  I am not a millionaire, a lawyer, nor a career politician.  I am a husband, a father and a middle class man of faith.

A graduate of Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, I graduated with highest honors with a degree in Business Management.  I have been married 31 years to my wife Lela and have two amazing sons Alex and Wesley.

Jack is a true Tennessean

One of Jack’s hobbies included student band.

My family has deep roots here in Tennessee dating back six generations.  I am proud to call Tennessee my home, because of its rich values, tradition and of course our volunteer spirit.

These values and traditions helped guide me throughout my life.  Hard work and faith in God have served me well and the volunteer spirit inspired me to serve my country and my community.



Jack is a man of Service

Jack was an Officer for the Chattanooga Police Department.

Jack served his country in the United States Navy.

I decided to join the United States Navy at a young age.  My time serving in the Navy provided me with critical job skills that allowed me to jump start an Engineering career.

Later at age 38, I decided to once again serve my community.  I joined the Chattanooga Police Department; earning the distinction as Rookie of the Year and Chattanooga Optimist Club Officer of the Year along with many letters of accommodation.  My distinguished career allowed me to meet some wonderful people and help make communities safer for families here in Tennessee.

Jack is a man of Action

My demonstrated leadership is committed to the values and principles upon which our great country and state were founded.  Today, I serve on the Advisory Boards for two local high schools in Cleveland, Tennessee.  My goal is to be able to provide students with hands-on job skills; so they can graduate and begin a successful career.

As a successful business manager, I have helped companies grow their business.  By implementing problem solving skills in complex manufacturing environments, these companies have increased the quality and production of their product.  This has provided jobs and opportunity for people across America.

Jack is a man with Real World Experience

The decisions made by Congress affect real people.  Yet, many of them lack the experiences of most Americans.

I understand the problems facing America because I have experienced them firsthand.  Rising healthcare costs have placed families in a financial strain.  Jobs fleeing our towns leave families wondering how to survive.   An unsecure border leaving us vulnerable to terrorism.

Congress has continued to ignore the issues; leaving hard working men and women to carry the burden.

Jack is a man of Family and Faith

Through hard work, determination and faith in God, I have had the glory of watching my family achieve the American dream.

My wife Lela and I share a deep love for one another.  So much, we recently renewed our vows.  I am so proud of what we have accomplished together.

My faith is the cornerstone of my beliefs.  It is with the guidance of God and my loving family, that I have decided to run for Congress.

Jack, Wife Lela, & Son Alex

I want to help families across Tennessee and America achieve their American Dream.  I hope that you will join me and my family on this incredible journey.

Jack Maddux is a former member of the United States Navy and Police Officer with the City of Chattanooga.
Images and usage of his awards, ranks and title do not denote an endorsement by such.

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